Animated Business card

Animated Business card by Chungdha.com Media

This is my animated businesscard, I designed it after receiving a special book called magic moving images. I learned how to design it myself and developed a special way to make this. The card exist of a outer sleeve with vertical raster and the animated pictures are made in a special way.

I made it with a thought to catch more attention then the standard business cards, and ad a bit more interaction between the receiver. Instead of just strict graphic and information, I added a play element because you kind of play with it and make it move. This will catch more attention and make the receiver remember the card better and stand out from the others.

To see more picture and also the video look at the full post.


Mugur said...

Brilliant website! I am about to change my business cards and today I was thinking about their design. And, by chance, I found your blog with so many wonderful ideas for business cards. I am certain I will get inspired by the designs you posted here. Thanks!

Sergii said...

Thank you very much for your kind words. I am trying to make a site interesting.The near future will open another category.Open in February. Please come.

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