Beautician Business Card Design

Beautician business cards are extrememly important to keeping clients, increasing business, and increasing referrals.

The design of your beautician business cards is extremely important as well. Here is how we would design beautician business cards.

1. White background with a colored font, blue, red, orange, etc. Keep it very light colored.

2. Put a picture of a nail on the card. If you can afford it, get two different cards printed. The picture should be the only difference. If someone wants something special painted on their nail, you should give them the card with a picture of something special on it.

If someone gets a french manicure, or a single color on thier nails, give them the card with a simple nail on it.

3. Put the days and times you work on the back of the card. If your nail, hair, or other beauty service is especially inexpensive, put a price on the back as well.

4. Offer a special price to the new referral. You could also use the back of the card for this purpose. Put something like “$5 off your first visit over $25.”

Using these design tips you are sure to not only keep your existing clients, but you will gain more referrals than you know what to do with!


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