Creative Business Card Designs


I am testing different business card designs. Please feel free to let me know what you think of them! I am also thinking of doing a bunch of different designs and mixing them all together for fun.

Letterpress business cards printed as part of our extended business card sale

Because metal business cards are a dime a dozen this design attemps to soften the look while personalizing the exterior. Laser etched and cut this card holder is bound by a hair tie...just incase its needed. It currently holds about 25 cards and fits nicely in a purse.

Innovative Sprouting Business Card

I got bored at work so I folded a bunch of my manager's business cards to make this design that is supposed to resemble a cloud

Make a simple map.And we will find you.


Aden said...

Well I like all the above given designs. I really wonder seeing those 100 design galleries. My card would also look excellent. It was professionally designed by Business Card Ninjas.

Anonymous said...

Simple! but looking fabulous specially greenery looking fantastic.
Plastic Business Cards
Plastic Business Cards
Plastic Business Cards

Mukesh Speak said...

Today Business card is important as your website and Business identity. Business card creates a physical connection and bond between you or your business and your customers service business cards can become great interactive elements in present time .Business card is a small card that has a person's name on it,as well as the address, telephone number, and email address of the company . But what is more important, business card is the first impression you make on a customer. So, it is vital distinctive and unique business card so as to prove yourself to each worth meeting again. so this is as customer and business service related identification . According to this blog have good information about business cards and nice looking cards info .
Thanks & Regards

Business Cards Design

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