Chocolates business cards


Now chocolate is not just a delicacy, it makes virtually all the soul desires.
You can order the chocolate business cards or greeting cards, not to mention the variety of chocolate figurines
varying degrees of complexity.
Chocolate can not only eat or drink, it can spread itself in the medical and cosmetic purposes - many stores offer not only cause the chocolate to the person, but on the whole body.
And if you do not want chocolate to eat or spread themselves, you can visit the museum of chocolate, which is in many cities around the world. For example, the Museum of Chocolate «Nestle» in Mexico, or the chocolate museum in Barcelona or Prague.
There is a chocolate museum in Moscow and St. Petersburg, however, in St. Petersburg is just a store with such a title.
The desire to surprise loved ones, friends and colleagues, an unusual and memorable gift to encourage entrepreneurs to develop the most unexpected solutions. It is safe to say that such an incentive inherent in any activity aimed at the consumer.
There was an exception and «sweet» business.
And if the cakes and pastries is now unlikely anyone will be able to combat, the unusual items of chocolate today like hot cakes.
Proposals in this segment of a wide range - from the chocolate business cards and photos to such a courageous and very expensive fun as a box of chocolates «Kamasutra in chocolate».

«We make chocolate business cards, which are identical to the size of this standard business card - 90 x 50 mm», - told the publication «NOW» Head of Marketing and Advertising confectionery home «Shokolino» Lydia Naidenova.
And along with the customer can order a chocolate ordinary business, that is, not departing from the Treasury.
«We are working with contractors who specialize in the printing and business cards to meet one to one with chocolate», - explains Ms. Naidenova.

The thickness of these business cards could be different.
From close to the «original» (3 mm) to the sound - in the 9 mm.
At the request of the customer card can be made with filler, such as: crushed peanuts, crushed hazelnuts, etc. Also, it could be business cards with the scent of Amaretto, brandy, coffee flavor and so forth.


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